New Look: Journey To The Handmade Treasure Island

Teresa Caro is a 60 years old lady who couldn’t even go to any physical store to buy a gorgeous handbag for her new look. She saw a beautiful wicker bag carrying by her daughter, Lisa Caro.

“Where did you get this dear?”

The lady asked with a smile on her eye- the smile of finding something she needed desperately.

“Oh! mom, I have purchased it from vogue’s online store. You will find plenty of them there.” 

The lady took her daughter’s laptop and began to search for a handmade wicker bag on google. She started exploring Vogue, Bembien, Vatiro, Sea & Grass, Kurteli, Amerii, Mark CrossAritzia and many others who sell rattan handwoven bag. Moreover, She opened an account with Mark Cross but suddenly changed her mind seeing a stunning bamboo bag on Kurteli.

New Look: Journey To The Handmade Treasure Island

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She decided to switch up her style with a completely new look by wearing a classic t-shirt, trendy jeans and of course with that handwoven straw bag she ordered. It’s five days prior to 2020, the bag she ordered just arrived at the right time. She found the bag was even more attractive than on the site.

Teresa began to be curious about the magical art of producing such unique creativity of mind. She wanted to see those incredible people by her own eye sitting next to them. Discussing with her daughter, they decided to make a short trip to Bali, an Indonesian island famous for its forested volcanic mountains, sea beaches and also the coral reefs.

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Trip to Bali

It was the 1st of January, 2020. Teresa and her daughter were walking on the beach of Bali. The tranquility of nature simply soothed their body and mind with peace.

Trip to Bali New look

After having lunch at Zanzibar Beach Front Restaurant, they planned to visit the nearby markets of Rattan bags. They found these handmade treasures in many places but the Kumbasari Market- fully dedicated to rattan or wicker bags, was the best place to buy.

“If you are a bag lover and want to choose from tones of handmade bags then Kumbasari Market is a paradise for you. You will find rattan, bamboo, pom pom, baskets and the round-shaped ones with all colors and shapes. ” -Teresa Caro

Lisa asked a seller to help them find the community of artisans making these adorable bags and finally with the help of local people there they reached the birthplace of rattan- the place where the journey of an ultimate fashion begins.


Sarah Adiratna, an Indonesian woman, was seen weaving a rattan bag inside her home relentlessly. Her struggle for existence fascinated Teresa, made her able to think life in a true sense. She took a photo of Sarah and immediately posted it on her Facebook status.

New-Look-New-Loo“Eyes with no fakeness inside.”- Teresa Caro 

They spent quality time with Sarah and learned a lot about her life, struggles, and inspirations to continue her hard work of making such a unique piece of art. Sarah gifted them with a round-shaped multi-colored rattan handbag as a token of her love.


   “They may have less but they have the richest heart than most of the others.” –said Mrs. Caro.

The mother and the daughter safely reached London on the 3rd of January, 2020. Teresa has suggested her friends buy bags supplied from Sarah which are mostly available on-

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