Handmade Bags: The Most Trending Thing Now?

From the early history of human beings, people need to carry their goods in an effective way and hence the production of handmade bags began. Consequently, People started manufacturing bags from mother nature which they can easily collect or available in abundance.

Soon the simplicity of production turned into an easy-to-carry stylish look fits in quite well in a day to day modern fashion all around the world considering the damaging factor of our earth’s limited natural resources. However, one of the incredible growing handmade bag industries of the present day is Rattan, mainly sourced from the Indonesian Rainforests.

There was a time people thought that these beautiful wicker bags are only suitable for the beachwear. But later in the 1970s, the concept got changed when a model named Jane Birkin, was photographed all around Paris toting her woven basket, paired with perfectly slouchy jeans, a classic t-shirt, and, of course, her famous negligent and charming hairstyle. Nowadays, you will not be surprised seeing a lady carrying a handmade Rattan or Raffia bag to her office in any part of the world. Interestingly, what is the logical reason?

                       Handmade Bags Jane BirkinHandmade Bags Jane BirkinHandmade Bags Jane Birkin

The trend of unique style leads to the massive use of handmade bags from the beach of Bali to the summer in the City of New York. Besides, ladies are aware of fashion but also Eco-friendly and durability of the bags they buy. At the same time, handmade bags also bear the symbol of magical art by a large community of artisans who deserves adequate rewards and recognition for their unique creativity of mind.

To support the most recent trend of unique style, Bembien, a brand of lady’s handmade bamboo bag, brings a must-have collection of ladies bags made with natural rattan. Many celebrities have started adopting new styles such as Jessica Alba. The brand is now offering several handmade bags with different shapes and colors.

Bembien is not only the brand offering handmade rattan bags. There are many brands such as Vatiro selling several styles of bags done in rattan. Two major fashion houses like Prada and Balenciaga have adopted the popular summer trend all about the handmade woven bag.

To support these impressive weaving communities, you will find a good number of sources where you can get these bags easily. One of your best choices should be Kurteli’s handmade gorgeous bags! We choose the best from among the thousands of deals around you.

For those of you trying to shop the best but don’t know where to start, Kurteli is the right place for you. We have gathered a few of our favorite handmade bags that let you shop with a clear conscience.



Hand-Woven, Natural Straw Material, Box-Shaped Cross-body Bag

Mini Sized Khaki Colored Straw Bag, Only $36 at kurteli.com


Saddle Shaped, Hand-Woven, Decorative Button

Multi-Colored Handmade Straw Bag, Only $37 at kurteli.com



Handwork Weave Straw Bag, Casual Style, Open Closure Type

Large & Small Sized Bag, Only $32.00–$35.00 at kurteli.com


Solid Straw Bag, Vintage Style, Interior Slot Pocket, Flap Shaped

Black & Light Beige Colored Hand-Woven Bag, Only $44 at kurteli.com



Embroidery Straw Bag, Hand-Woven, Vintage Style

Black & Pink Colored Handbag, Only $37 at kurteli.com

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