How To Spot A Fake Designer Handbag – 6 Tips And Tricks

Choosing the right designer handbag is the most difficult task nowadays where you have to spend a huge quantity of time looking at a bunch of fake designer handbags. They are not even harder to identify but look almost similar to the real one. So, It’s a 2020 demanding question- How to spot a fake designer handbag?

how to spot a fake designer handbag

We are not going against buying any designer inspired or fake bags as it’s honestly up to the person’s circumstance. We will introduce some authentication stuff to help people who are buying from the second-hand market or buying from a third party and you are paying for like a real bag price. This article should show you some guidelines if you want to see the bag you have purchased is real or not because you think that you’re buying a real bag but sometimes maybe you get a fake one. We will try to focus on some useful tips & tricks that will teach you how to choose the real one or how to spot a fake designer handbag.

Tips #1 Buy Your Bag From A Trustworthy Source

The best thing is to always get your bags from a trustworthy source and then get your bags authenticated once you receive them. At the very beginning, you have to spend a few extra dollars buying a lot of second-hand and also a lot from third parties for authentication purposes. If you don’t wish to spend money on that, then you can go through our ‘how to spot a fake designer handbag’ guidelines to develop a basic fake identification mindset. By choosing handmade bags made from natural rattan or raffia, you must have to worry about authentication but have to mainly focus on quality. Because If you are not careful and buying from an untrusted source, you might have got a plastic rattan bag that is not a handmade product but made by a machine. Organic rattan lasts for long and the color will not fade out.

Buy Your Bag From A Trustworthy Source

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Tips #2 Take A Closure Look At The Stitching

Let’s get started with our first bag for deep analysis of how to spot a fake designer handbag. Usually, we’re more interested in the Hermes.

Look At The Stitching_how to spot a fake designer handbag 

This is a Birkin 30cm in the color taupe and total leather with gold hardware. It feels pretty real and like all the pebbly and the like veins and stuff feels pretty real. If someone taking a look at this bag for the first time, It looks completely normal. We have analyzed the bag under good lighting and found that the stitching is honestly so bad. The stitching looks completely fake comparing with our real 35cm Birkin handbag. You can take a look at the comparison, the side-by-side comparison, of these stitching.

Take A Closure Look At The Stitching
                 FAKE                                                                 REAL

You can see with the fake one- the stitching is spaced apart something about the thread. On the other hand, the stitching more evenly done for a real bag like both are pretty even but it’s really like more nicer. It’s also like smaller in terms of the gaps and each stitch just looks more perfect and each stitch has that angular kind of that angling whereas this one is more flat again for the fake one.

Tips #3 Smell The Leather

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The most common and simple way to tell if a bag is fake or real is usually by touching it or by holding it. But it is harder to distinguish simply by touching it. The difference can be identified in their leather’s smell. For a fake bag, you should feel the smell of the leather seems completely different. Most of the time, It smells like real plastic that makes sense of something about the leather is not right or real. So whether it’s from touches like the feel of it or the smell of the bag or just the way like it opens as you use it and the way it stretches is usually a bit different than the real bag.

Tips #4 Turn The Metal Thing (If Any)

It feels very stiff while trying to turn the metal thing versus the real one. The metal part in the real one turns very smoothly like it’s not going to get stuck anywhere. And the metal is polished smoothly versus the fake one.

Youtube_Fake Hermes Bags

Tips #5 Pull The Zipper

For a real Hermes bag, It shouldn’t be easy to zip or unzip the zipper while it’s an easy job to zip for a fake Hermes. So when you are unzipping just see how difficult it is to zip and to zip that bag versus the other one. Surely, you are going to feel the hardness while pulling the zipper of a real one.

Hermes Zipper

Tips #6 Have A Close Look On The Strap

You can identify if a bag is real or fake most of the time by seeing its strap. In order to tell that it is a fake baby just see the strap is roughly done or not. What kind of brand designer store would do it like this!

fake strap handbag

It’s just not the way a real bag should look alike. The fake designer did a really bad job which you can easily identify.

It is very interesting to see how people are making tons of fake bags nowadays. We have shared six tips & tricks to help you how to spot a fake designer handbag. We are not an expert in fake finding strategy but we believe every bag lovers should know what they are actually buying before spending thousands of dollars for a fake designer handbag.

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